How to Hide my Phone Number on Telegram?

hide my phone number on Telegram

Before telling you to hide your phone number on Telegram, let’s know more about the app. Telegram is one of the most popular social apps in the google play store with having millions of users. You only need your phone number on Telegram to activate your account and start free instant messaging, creating groups, sharing, … Read more

How to Edit video on Android Phone?

Edit video on Android

Editing your videos has never been easy before smartphones were built. Now, in the new era of our digital world, there are many apps that can help you do most of your work only by using mobile phones and keep all your work accessories in your pocket. Now you can even edit video on android … Read more

How to Block Pop-Ups ads on Firefox Mozilla (Android, iOS, and PC)

Block Pop-Ups ads on Firefox Mozilla

Most of us find Ads and pop-ups annoying and disturbing when we see them on every web page. You know being redirected while opening a website on our browsers is something we do not want to see. So many people think that the ads and pop-ups are strong indications of viruses or some sort of … Read more

How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge on Android and iPhone

How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge on Android and iPhone

Startups, giant companies (Tesla, Apple, Samsung, Netflix, Hulu, and more), everyone has to bring up their business on top. One of them, besides the Search engine, is Ads, Ads on the Search engines, social media, or banners. So, in simple words, ads are playing a key role in promoting a business, whether it is websites, … Read more

How to Install Android 11 on Android Studio on Windows 10?

test android

I’m not a developer but I’m so much interested to test android 11 on PC- Hackintosh not only for Android but for iOS too. The older versions of the android such as the Android KitKat and Lollipop emulators are available on Windows PC. Even some of them are open-source but the truth is that the … Read more

How to Install Among us on Windows 10?

Install Among us on Windows 10

Android enthusiast have developed android emulators to test their apps on PC before providing them to consumers. This android emulator are king of amazing, so sit tide since we are going to show you How to Install Among us on Windows 10? Step 1. Download an android Emulator For Windows A variety of android emulators … Read more

How to Wirelessly sync Photos between android and windows 10?

Wirelessly sync Photos between android and windows 10

Getting your photos both on your phone and PC has always been a headache. It is simply due to the slow transfer speed of Bluetooth and the fuzziness of keeping different types of USB cables. That’s enough if you are are suffering from it because with these methods you are going to bypass them. So, … Read more

Learn 5G technical terms and phrases

5G technology has a variety of technical terms, each representing a part of the network’s specifications, and familiarity with these terms is not without its pitfalls. Today, most lovers of the tech world are seriously looking for 5G technology development news and consider it important in the future of all important and vital industries. Of … Read more