Easily Share Files Between Kali Linux and Windows 10

Easily Share Files Between Kali Linux and Windows 10

File sharing is an important factor, so it is good to know file sharing between Kali Linux and Windows 10. In order to Easily Share Files Between Kali Linux and Windows 10 you need to check the network connectivity, shared folder, access it in Kali Linux. In this post you will learn the below scenarios. … Read more

How to Reset Kali Linux Root Password? (Linux 2020.3)

Kali Linux the most popular operating system among ethical hackers. However, online cloud storage or online cloud services are powered by Linux or by one of its distributions. User who has the goal of becoming an ethical hacker, Linux administrator, etc… may sometimes forget their Kali Linux login password. The good thing in this you … Read more

How to Install Xampp on Linux Mint 19.3?

Install Xmapp on Linux Mint.jpg

XAMPP is developed to allow developers and programmers to test their work on their PCs without having to access the Internet. Even with minimal information about installing software such as MySQL, PHP, Apache Easily install, configure, and integrate them automatically without any hassle. In fact, XAMPP can run php code on the local system known … Read more

How to Make Kali Linux Windows Friendly?

make linux windows friendly

Windows is an awesome operating system as most population of the world uses this operating system. Many users were a big fan of Windows 7, but since Microsoft attempted to put it down, some users were converted to Linux Distros. I accept it Windows is easy but what about your privacy and data. Windows is … Read more

How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox on Linux?

How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox on Linux?

Let’s try and run Windows 10 inside the Linux on VirtualBox. I know that Linux distributions are far better and awesome compared to windows from every angle. But Linux is built for penetration testing, I mean there is a time where you need to test the Windows 10 for your purpose. So, it is better … Read more

How to Install Windows Software on Linux Mint? [Beginners Guide]

Install Windows software on Linux mint

Microsoft Just ended the support for Windows 7, but the big question remains, what is the best replacement for Windows 7. Windows 7 users who have liked this operating system almost for a decade are no more, I mean you can still use it but the security patches won’t be provided by Micorostf any more. … Read more