Download Kali Linux virtual machine Images (VirtualBox and VMWare)

The Linux operating system is one of the most powerful operating systems on the market, which is open source and is especially popular among software engineers. The Unix operating system was developed in 1971 by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. The Unix operating system was expensive and not all people could use it easily. It can be said that the Linux operating system is very similar to the Unix operating system and its sub-branches. In 1991, Toralds Linux built the core of Linux. The Linux operating system is supported by many companies.

What is the Linux kernel?

In general, it can be said that every operating system has a kernel and the interface between the software and hardware of the system, in fact, it can be said that the task of doing basic work is the responsibility of the kernel.

In principle, Linux is the lowest level of software components of a system, and if this part is damaged, other software will not be able to use it. One of the core functions is to connect system resources to other programs in the system.

What are the core tasks of a Kali Linux?

  • Data storage: Data storage is done in random access memory, either in permanent memory, or in a virtual file system.
  • Computer network access
  • Scheduling
  • Use input and output tools such as mouse, keyboard, webcam and USB flash drive
  • Security: This security can include the security of resources as well as different users and user groups.

One of the uses of Linux is its security. Linux is used as a popular operating system in networks and network environments due to its security, and it can be said that 70% of the firewalls used in the world’s networks use the Linux operating system.

Open source Linux operating system: This operating system has a lot of flexibility due to open source and can be used for various applications.

This operating system is a public and open source operating system and many programmers can develop it and meet their needs in various fields.

Using Linux as the underlying operating system: ‌ There are currently many applications that use Linux as the underlying operating system. Each of these applications has millions of users and is very popular.

Download Kali Linux Virtual machine Images (Latest Version)

As far as I know, Kali Linux is the open source operating system which is mostly used for penetration testing. The Built-in tools are a good example.

If you are trying to learn Kali Linux for ethical hacking or penetration testing, VirtualBox and VMware are very good place to start with. You will learn every bit of the operating system in the Virtual environment, once you are ready you can harvest it on the physical computer.

Although you can try and install Kali Linux on VirtualBox or VMware from Kali Linux ISO too, but it will take time. The Kali Linux ISO file is 4 GB, once you downloaded it, it will take some time to install it on the Virtual machine. However their is a method which can save a lot of time. You can use the preinstalled kali linux operating system for VirtualBox and VMware, The size is also 2 GB which half size of the Kali Linux ISO File.

Not to forget that every month these links are updated with the latest versions of the Kali Linux, in any case if the OS is not updated you can use the sudo apt update command to update the system’s tools. In other words you can get new updates for the operating system.

Download Kali Linux VirtualBox Image Latest Version

Download Kali Linux VMWare Image Latest Version

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