How to Disable Ad Tracking on iPhone and iOS Browser?

Apple collects information from its users such as location, search history, purchases, and apps being used. With this information, Apple provides ads in the App Store and Apple news which are based on your information such as Apple store search history (such as TV shows you follow, movies you have watched), and your News reading … Read more

Best iPhone Emulators for PC (Windows & MAC)

Best iPhone Emulator for PC

Android or iOS Emulators definitely have awesome functionality for those who want to use them on PC. You can Install Pubg, Pok√©mon Go, and other games and just play the game on your PC if your mobile hardware can’t support them. In reality, android or iPhone Emulators are built for developing purposes but you can … Read more

How to Turn on LED Flash Notification on iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max?

Turn on LED Flash Notification on iPhone 12

In this Post I will guide you How to Turn on LED Flash Notification on iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max? These three phones have the same iOS versions and guides will be the same. Most people have the habit of putting their phone on vibrate mode, it is good when you are … Read more

How to Hide my Phone Number on Telegram?

hide my phone number on Telegram

Before telling you to hide your phone number on Telegram, let’s know more about the app. Telegram is one of the most popular social apps in the google play store with having millions of users. You only need your phone number on Telegram to activate your account and start free instant messaging, creating groups, sharing, … Read more

How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge on Android and iPhone

How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge on Android and iPhone

Startups, giant companies (Tesla, Apple, Samsung, Netflix, Hulu, and more), everyone has to bring up their business on top. One of them, besides the Search engine, is Ads, Ads on the Search engines, social media, or banners. So, in simple words, ads are playing a key role in promoting a business, whether it is websites, … Read more

Learn 5G technical terms and phrases

5G technology has a variety of technical terms, each representing a part of the network’s specifications, and familiarity with these terms is not without its pitfalls. Today, most lovers of the tech world are seriously looking for 5G technology development news and consider it important in the future of all important and vital industries. Of … Read more

How to Jailbreak iOS 13 without Computer? [Beginners Guid]

How to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 with and without a computer

Maybe you have Jailbroken your device But what does Jailbreak mean? What is behind the screen of Jailbreaking? why perform the Jailbreak Task? Why not perform Jailbreak on your Phone? How to Fix Jailbroken iPhone? Is It Illegal to Jailbreak a Phone? Is jailbreak only for Apple devices? And Finally How to Jailbreak iOS 13 … Read more