How to Fix No SIM Card installed issue on iPhone? 13 Powerful Ways

iPhone is a popular product of the Apple brand with many capabilities, but it certainly has bugs. One of these problems is messages such as “no Sim vail” or “no Sim card installed”, which indicates the lack of a SIM card in the phone. Even though the Sim Card is available inside the iPhone but it is not recognizing it. What could be the reason, How to fix No SIM Card installed issue on iPhone? These are the topics that in this post we will talk about.

Methods to Fix No SIM Card installed issue on iPhone

1. Make sure the SIM card is installed

It may seem strange, but we recommend that as a first step Fix No SIM Card installed to make sure that the SIM card is installed in your iPhone. In some cases, it has been seen that the user removes the SIM card for various reasons, then forgets to reinstall the SIM card. Later he/she faces the No Sim Card installed error. Naturally, in this case, check it, please. So take a needle and open the sim card slot.

2. Remove and Reinstall the SIM Card

If the SIM Card is installed in iPhone, here is the next tip that I recommend for you to Fix No SIM Card installed issue. In fact, this solution solves the iPhone’s No SIM problem almost 90% of the time. So take out the SIM card from its slot, then clean it with a cotton swab and a small amount of alcohol. Insert the SIM card again and check it out. If it didn’t solve the issue, try the next tip.

3. Check if the SIM Card is inserted correctly

In some cases not inserting the SIM card correctly, you will face such an error (Fix No SIM Card installed). For example, the SIM card may not be properly seated or you may have accidentally inserted the SIM card in the slot. Therefore, to check and ensure this issue, once again remove the phone SIM card. The correct way to insert the SIM card inside the case is generally shown on the case body. So carefully re-insert the SIM card into the slot and check the status of the SIM card.

4. Check if this SIM Card is active or no

Make sure the SIM card is active before doing anything. If you have not used a SIM card for a while or you are not sure if it is active, it is better to check your SIM card and make sure it is active. To do this, it is better to put your SIM on another device and make contact with it. Check to see if this phone number works. This may not even require you to try to fix the iPhone’s no sim problem, as your device will definitely not have a problem to solve.

5. Restart the iPhone to Fix No SIM Card installed

Another simple solution is to restart the iPhone. Restarting at the same time can easily solve many of the temporary bugs and problems that occur in mobile phones. To restart the iPhone, just press the power button and hold for a few moments until the Power slider appears on the screen. Then drag this slider to the right to turn off the phone. Wait about 2 minutes and then turn on your Apple phone. Check the status of the phone after booting. The problem of not recognizing the iPhone SIM card will most likely be fixed.

6. Enable Airplane Mode

In some cases activating and deactivating the Airplane mode on iPhone can solve the No Sim Card issue. Therefore, we recommend that you enable the Airplane mode on your iPhone. Enable it through the Control Center menu and let the phone stay in this position for 1 minute. Then deactivate it again and wait for the SIM card status. If the error also appears on the screen, use the following solutions.

7. Update your iOS to the latest version

It may seem strange to you, but sometimes it has been seen that not updating the iOS leads to bugs. And bugs can cause a lot of strange issues, Not recognizing the SIM could be one of them. Therefore, I recommend that you make sure that your iPhone OS is updated. To do this, go to Settings> General> Software Update and check the status of your mobile operating system. If there is an update for your phone, it will be detected in this section and you will be able to install it by selecting the Download and Install option. After the iOS operating system is updated, the phone will restart and the iPhone’s SIM No problem will probably be fixed on the device.

8. Ensure that the carrier network settings are up to date

If a message recently appeared on the screen of your iPhone with the subject of Carrier Settings Update and you ignored it, you may now have the problem of not recognizing the SIM card due to the same issue. Carrier Settings Update message is a message that is provided if there is an update for the network that carries the SIM card. By updating it, you can get the best service from the network of your SIM card service provider. Failure to install the latest SIM card network updates may result in problems such as not recognizing the SIM card network. To check if there is an update for your SIM card network, go to Settings> General> About> Carrier. If an update is available, it will appear in this section. Then install it and check the performance of your mobile SIM card.

9. Reset Network

If none of the previous methods didn’t fix your iPhone’s SIM problem, then reset the phone’s network settings to Fix No SIM Card installed. Doing so will reset all data related to the phone’s connection networks such as Wi-Fi, hotspot, SIM card, etc. Performing such a step can fix bugs and communication problems on the iPhone.

To reset your phone’s network settings, just go to Settings> General> Reset and select the Reset Network Settings option. In the drop-down window that appears, agree to reset the network settings. Then restart your phone once and evaluate the SIM card performance. Most likely, the communication problem of the SIM card will be solved and your iPhone can recognize your SIM card.

10. Reset Your iPhone

The next solution you can use is a full reset of the iPhone. When you use this option, all the phone settings and personalization that you have done in this regard will be reset. Therefore, before doing so, be careful and reset the device settings with awareness. To access this option, just go to Settings> General> Reset and select the Reset All Settings option and agree to this process. After resetting your iPhone’s settings check the SIM card right away. Most likely, the problem will be fixed (Fix No SIM Card installed).

11. Ensure compatibility of SIM and iPhone ownership

The mobile registry plan is a plan that prevents the operation and use of non-owned SIM cards in various mobile phones, including iPhones. In other words, according to this plan, the mobile phone you are using must be registered with the name and national code of the person whose name is also on the SIM card inside the device. If your phone is registered in your own name and your SIM card is in someone else’s name, you may encounter the iPhone’s No SIM Card Installed error. So make sure both the Apple iPhone and the SIM card inside are in your name (the same person).

12. Factory Reset

If none of the previous methods we introduced could help you fix the problem, the last resort is to factory reset your iPhone. Keep in mind that doing so will result in the loss of all your personal information from your iPhone. So, I strongly recommend that you make a backup of your iPhone content before doing so. For detailed information on how to back up iPhone content, I recommend that you use the article “iPhone Backup Tutorial“. After you have made a backup of the content of the phone, deactivate your Apple ID, so that you do not face any problem regarding the Activation Lock of your iPhone.

13. Take it to a repair shop

If none of the above-mentioned methods could solve your iPhone’s SIM problem, you are probably facing a hardware problem. You should seek help from an experienced repair center to resolve this issue. So go to the shop and describe the problem. After checking your iPhone, he can say what is going on. If it has a hardware issue replacing the iPhone’s SIM card slot is not very expensive.

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