How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10? (Windows File Recovery)

Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10

By now, you must have deleted a file from your computer system by mistake, and when you heard about it, it was as if the world came to an end without those files! In such situations, what is your reaction other than expressing regret and anger? The good news is that with Microsoft’s Deleted Files … Read more

How to Install Among us on Windows 10?

Install Among us on Windows 10

Android enthusiast have developed android emulators to test their apps on PC before providing them to consumers. This android emulator are king of amazing, so sit tide since we are going to show you How to Install Among us on Windows 10? Step 1. Download an android Emulator For Windows A variety of android emulators … Read more

How to Wirelessly sync Photos between android and windows 10?

Wirelessly sync Photos between android and windows 10

Getting your photos both on your phone and PC has always been a headache. It is simply due to the slow transfer speed of Bluetooth and the fuzziness of keeping different types of USB cables. That’s enough if you are are suffering from it because with these methods you are going to bypass them. So, … Read more

GibmacOS- Create Bootable USB of macOS Big Sur Final (Clean Installation)

GibmacOS- Create Bootable USB of macOS Big Sur

macOS 11.0.1 Big Sur is yet the best operating system apple has ever offered. This operating system is available with Apple M1 chip for macBook Pro, Air and Mac mini. However Macbooks after the mid 2013 has the ability to upgrade to this operating system. But the other users can use patcher to install macOS … Read more

How to Install macOS Big Sur on unsupported mac?

Apple announced that macOS Big Sur will not be supported on most of the PCs. They are called the unsupported mac, where the is macBook Pro and Air 2012 along with the 2013 Early MacBook Pro are included. I don’t know if you have tried, but on these system if you run the macOS Big … Read more

How to Reset Kali Linux Root Password? (Linux 2020.3)

Kali Linux the most popular operating system among ethical hackers. However, online cloud storage or online cloud services are powered by Linux or by one of its distributions. User who has the goal of becoming an ethical hacker, Linux administrator, etc… may sometimes forget their Kali Linux login password. The good thing in this you … Read more

How to use Terminal on MacOS?

The terminal returns the command line to your Mac. Here’s how to use it to customize and troubleshoot your Mac, as well as the most common terminal commands. The Terminal provides a command-line interface for controlling a UNIX-based operating system (UNIX) that operates secretly on the underlying layers of the Mac. Here’s everything you need … Read more