Download macOS Ventura DMG File for Clean Installation

Today in this first I’m going to provide download links for the MacOS Ventura DMG file for a clean installation.

macOS Ventura is Apple’s new Mac operating system that has versatile capabilities, hosts a series of facelifts, and relies on Apple Silicon power to run day-to-day games such as Resident Evil Villag.

Every year, Apple introduces the latest version of the Mac family operating system during the World Developers Conference. And as expected, the latest version of macOS was officially unveiled a few minutes ago. The new version of Apple’s MacOS has not hosted many changes but has been tweaked to improve the user experience.

Stage Manager:

The new operating system, called macOS Ventura, is equipped with a tool called Stage Manager and makes a number of changes to the Spotlight section. Stage Manager, which is activated through the Control Center, puts the main application in the center of your attention and automatically organizes the open applications on the side of the screen. The user can also send icons from the desktop to the side of the page.


Spotlight has also been updated on the MacOS Ventura 13 and can find images in the gallery. This tool also has the ability to find text in images. Spotlight has also been added to the bottom of the iOS Home screen. Apple says the search in the Mail app has also changed, with a more complete preview in Ventura. Apple has also added an instant suggestions section and corrected typos.


Safari browser is equipped with a tab sharing feature. Thanks to this feature, you can instantly see the tabs that your friends have opened. Apple says Safari will host biometric passkeys in the new version of macOS, which will replace traditional passwords on multiple platforms.

Download macOS Ventura DMG File
Sign in

Apple, Google, and Microsoft announced earlier this month that they plan to make password-free access widespread on their products, platforms, and platforms. The new feature introduced at WWDC demonstrates Apple’s commitment to its commitments.

Apple says the Passkey is a unique digital key that does not upload to the server and stays inside the device. This way, the hacker will not be able to hack these digital keys. Thanks to Passkey, you can securely log in to your account via Face ID or Touch ID.

FaceTime and iPhone:

The new version of MacOS also allows users to easily transfer FaceTime calls between iPhone and Mac. It is also possible to use the iPhone camera instead of the webcam of the Apple laptop. Apple Continuity Camera has the ability to support Center Stage and Studio Light and of course Portrait Mode. The new Studio Light feature is actually an effect that beautifully brightens the user’s face and makes the background a little dimmer.

Thanks to the Continuity Camera feature, the macOS Ventura 13 can automatically detect an iPhone near it and use its camera. The iPhone can be connected to the Mac even wirelessly. Continuity Camera Access the Desk View feature using the iPhone’s ultra-widescreen camera.

Live Text:

The Live Text feature, which uses the device’s processor to detect text in images, now also has the ability to support paused video frames and supports Japanese and Korean texts. Weather and Clock apps, which offer cool features on the iPhone, are optimized for MacOS Ventura.

System Settings:

Apple says it changed the name of System Preferences in macOS Ventura to System Settings. System Settings in the new version of MacOS has a better and more direct design and is similar to the iPhone and iPad settings menu.


The Messages app on macOS Ventura has access to the new features offered in iOS 16. These include editing or deleting messages, marking messages as unread messages, and even retrieving deleted messages.

In addition, thanks to the iCloud Shared Photo Library feature, users can create a new family gallery and add up to 6 family members so that everyone can access the images together.

Do you what is a DMG file?

A DMG file is a disk image file that contains an exact replica of the original Macintosh hard drive media. It can be created with the Apple Disk Utility and can then be mounted by any Mac computer running OS X, and accessed as if it were a real physical hard drive.

The process of creating a DMG from a physical hard drive is called burning (or “cloning”) the disk while mounting an existing DMG image file is called opening or mounting.

Download the macOS Ventura DMG file

At the moment macOS Ventura is in the beta version and you need a very fast and good and reliable Internet connection to download it. However, for this, I would also recommend you to download the MacOS Ventura using the Internet download manager or you can use the Xtreme download manager. The Internet download manager is a paid application that can be used on Windows but however extreme download manager is entirely another case, it is built upon the open-source community and it is available for Mac too.

  • Download macOS Ventura DMG File (Google Drive by TechRechard)
  • Download macOS Ventura DMG Image File on MediaFire (11.29 GB)

Conclusion: macOS Ventura

As the features of the MacOS Ventura are mentioned above, you have to also note that the macOS Ventura is available for the macs since 2017.

  • iMac 2017 and newer models
  • iMac Pro 2017 and newer models
  • MacBook Air 2018 and newer models
  • MacBook Pro 2017 and newer models
  • Mac Pro 2019 and newer models
  • Mac Mini 2018 and newer models
  • MacBook 2017 and newer models

In the end, I am hoping that you have downloaded the MacOS Ventura DMG file and you have used it to install it on a virtual machine. Or you have used it to install it on your actual Mac computer, Maybe a Hackintosh too.

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