How to Read and write macOS Formatted Drives on Windows?

If you are opening a drive partitioned with macOS file system (HFS + APFS) on windows, windows offers to erase it. Basically most of the time the format option won’t work %100, instead you have perform a clean partition with CMD. Good news is that third party software can easily fill the gape and you can read and write files on the drive.

ex-Fat is the only partition which is read and writable on both operating systems (Windows and macOS). Even sometimes the ex-Fat file system won’t be writable on macOS, the reason can be the HFS and APFS Plus system.

Attaching the external drive to the computer with macOS file system on windows will prompt you to Format the drive. Wait a moment; don’t format the drive because here you will find several methods to open a macOS file system.

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Read and write macOS Formatted Drives on Windows

1. Paragon Software

Paragon is a Storage and file system management, data safety and disaster recovery for home and business users, IT professionals and OEM providers company.

It is a powerful software which enables for users the read and write options for windows and macOS. Paragon software can read both the Hackintosh file system and Apple file system. In revers on macOS, it will also read the NTFS. The other feature is encryption, which is certainly accessible by users on both operating systems.

HFS and APFS are different software provided by company, it means it has separate license. For more information visit the official site of the paragon software for HFS and APFS. Paragon’s APFS costs $49.5$ and in the meantime the HFS costs $19.95.

2. MacDrive

With the 5 days of trial version you can test the MacDrive on your PC. Unfortunately it isn’t as powerful as the paragon software, the first limitation write access. It means it is only readable not writable, and it is not free like the Paragon.

For more information please visit the official site of MacDrive and find more information.

3. UFS Explorer

It is very powerful software which which is compared to the Paragon software. It can read, write and open encrypted file systems of Apple on Windows. In the meantime they can open Disk image files which includes the Virtual machine images too. Visit the official site for more information and pricing.

4. TransMac

Step 1. Download TransMac

TransMac is a small software destined for creating a bootable an installer for macOS on Windows. Infect it is the easiest method for creating a bootable USB, but as you look deeper in the TransMac, you will find, it is more then a regular software for creating bootable USB.

Visit the official site of the TransMac, download the trial version and test it, If it was worth it purchase the key. It costs for a single user $59 US dollars. But selling style kind of differs to other companies. I recommend you to visit the official site for more information.

For the sake of this tutorial I will be using the trial version and guide you to the features of the TransMac.

Step 2. Install TransMac on Windows

Windows is famous for being the easiest operating system on market so does the software. Companies are creating their product as it fits on windows installation. The idea is, it’s like a piece of cake to install TransMac.

Read and write macOS Formatted Drives
Install TransMac on Windows

Step 3. Opening a mac Formatted drive on Windows

Attach the Drive to the computer and launch the TransMac. Click on the drive, now you can access all the files on the drive.


  • Opening a mac formatted drive and copying files: A variety of features are contained on the software, the first one was to open a mac formatted drive on Windows which is already mentioned.
  • Turn USB to a mac formatted partition: Any USB flash drive which is formatted with Windows file system it will be opened on mac. They can also copy your files but you won’t be able to Transfer files from mac to USB. So, you can change the USB Partition i the favor of the mac. To do that, right click on the USB flash drive and choose, Format disk for mac.
  • Creating a Bootable USB for mac on Windows: Attach the USB Flash drive to the Computer, then open the software. first you have to format the USB for mac, then right click and choose Restore with disk image. Locate the macOS.dmg file and wait until the files are copied.
  • Create a New Disk Image: TransMac is specically built for openeing Disk images on Windows. Along side that it can create disk image inside the External drive attached to the computer.
  • Erase a Disk image: Since it can create a disk image on windows, it can also remove the disk image on Windows.
  • Show hidden files and preserved dates: The settings of the TransMac can show the hidden file and the preserved dates. You can enable these settings from Settings under the Tools menu.

That’s all with How to Read and write macOS Formatted Drives on Windows, in the meantime make sure read other posts our blog.

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