How to Hide my Phone Number on Telegram?

Before telling you to hide your phone number on Telegram, let’s know more about the app. Telegram is one of the most popular social apps in the google play store with having millions of users. You only need your phone number on Telegram to activate your account and start free instant messaging, creating groups, sharing, calling, and having contact with anyone internationally. The app is secure and fast which is why it has gained so much popularity. Telegram has surpassed 500 million active users. In January 2021, more than 100 million new users from around the world joined Telegram. Now hundreds of millions of people use this app for social interacting.

Secret Chat Mode

The good thing about the Telegram messenger app is the (Secret Chats) option. In this way, you message a certain person or a certain group of people. It means your messages are encrypted and the app will not store your messages on any server. Another good thing about the Secret Chats option is that it has an additional self-destruct functionality that removes your messages from the involved devices without any trace. This is a great innovation to help maintain the privacy of your messages and ensure security for chat communication. With this security feature, it has overcome a major flaw of Whatsapp, Line, etc, and provided people with a great alternative. Although Whatsapp is having more users than Telegram, people who want to be more secretive with their social interacting prefer to use Telegram. The App is user-friendly and provides encryption for messages so you can choose whether to have ordinary chat with someone or be more secretive and secure.

In this app, anyone can see our phone number and can get it through our profile. Although your calls and messages are encrypted inside the app, some of us don’t want to engage with anyone inside the app. You know if you are fed up with scams and wrong usage of your phone number, you better hide the phone number. To hide your phone number on Telegram you do not need to do much. It is very simple and easy. You only have to follow these simple steps to hide your number on Telegram. After that, you do not have to care more about your privacy and getting your phone number to the wrong hands

Here are the steps to hide your phone number on Telegram.

Step 1. Open the telegram on your device. Select the three lines on the top right corner then select settings.

hide my phone number on Telegram
Open Telegram Settings

Step 2. Then select privacy and security.

hide my phone number on Telegram
Access Privacy and Security

Step 3. After that select phone number.

hide my phone number on Telegram
Choose Phone Number

Step 4. Finally choose Nobody and the option who can find you on telegram.

Who can find you to Telegram

Lastly, select Nobody on (who can see my phone number) option. After that select my My Contacts on (who can find me by my number) option. So that only the people you know can use your phone number and you should be secure from any unwanted user. To hide your phone number you don’t need any kind of software to do it for you. You only need to follow the simple steps from above then get done with it very easily.

As mentioned, what makes Telegram exceptional from any other messengers is the Secret Chats option because it encrypts messages, and then it has self-destruction functionality which removes the messages from the involved devices without leaving any trace.

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