How to Fix Samsung Hang Problem in 2022?

Smartphones (both Android and iOS) may hang for a variety of reasons, causing them to slow down. But how can we prevent this from happening? In this post, you will learn How to Fix Samsung Hang Problem in 2022.

Mobile phones are electronic gadgets that are made of very interesting and advanced hardware components and there is special coordination between their hardware components. Unfortunately, in all mobile phones, due to different conditions, there may be problems with hanging and slowing down the operation. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the problem of hanging the phone is not limited to Android phones, and Apple iPhones do not hang less than Android phones in certain circumstances.

But what causes of Samsung to hang, and how can we prevent this from happening? There are several methods that you can use to solve the problem of hanging your Samsung phone. In the continuation of this article, we want to point out 10 of the most important of these methods and also have a short talk about the reason for mobile phones being hung in different situations.

What is the reason for hanging Samsung and iPhone?

There are a number of reasons why your Android or iPhone phone may hang or slow down, causing lag and delays. Installing multiple applications and filling the phone memory, heavy game components and applications in the device, filling the RAM memory, installing malicious and tricky applications and other factors can lead to slowing down and slowing down the phone. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, it is not a problem to hang a phone for Android phones, and Apple iPhones hang in many cases, but the number of hangs is higher among Android phones because the variety of these products is more than Apple iPhones and phones. Android also includes cheaper and cheaper versions (mid-range and low-end), which naturally have a weaker hardware platform than high-end and first-class phones, and more than Apple Hong’s multi-million toman iPhones. they do. But what are the best ways to prevent or fix the problem of hanging your Samsung and iPhone?

10 ways to Fix Samsung Hang Problem

In this section, we will discuss 10 of the best ways to prevent or fix the problem of hanging Samsung. So if your phone is having this problem and sometimes hangs, we recommend that you stay with the help of mobile until the end of this article.

1. Do not buy low and mid-range Phones

Mid-range and low-end phones, which are less expensive than flagships and first-class phones in the market, also use a weaker hardware platform, so naturally more than high-end phones are prone to lag. So avoiding these phones and not buying them can be one of the ways to prevent Samsung from hanging. If you want to experience the peak power and speed of a phone, buy the latest flagship from Samsung and you can be sure that you will not face the problem of hanging and slow performance.

2. Prevent RAM from filling up

All mobile phones have RAM. RAM plays a very important role in speeding up the phone and preventing it from crashing. The more RAM the phone has, the more tasks the device can analyze at the same time and not hang. This will increase the speed of the device. RAM clutter can be one of the main reasons for the slow performance and slowdown of Samsung. For example, if your phone has 2 GB of RAM and several applications are active and semi-active in the background and multitasking mode and fill 80 or 90% of the device’s RAM capacity, no doubt with the problem of hanging and slow performance You will face. Always try to prevent the phone from being full of RAM by using various methods and controlling the active tasks in the background. This can go a long way in preventing your Samsung from crashing.

3. Prevent internal memory from filling up

Filling the internal memory of the phone is another important factor that can lead to the hangings of Samsung. Many people think that installing another external memory will solve this problem, but this is not the case, and installing external memory will slow down the device over time because by installing this external memory, the amount of information stored in the phone will constantly increase. This puts pressure on the device and slows it down. So if you want to prevent your Samsung from hanging, do not let the internal memory fill up. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent Samsung from crashing.

4. Reset Factory

If your phone is slow and this bothers you a lot, a factory reset of the device can solve the problem. By factory resetting the phone, you will lose all the information stored in it and the device settings will be restored to the factory state as it was the first day. This will speed up the performance of the phone and solve the problem of hanging Samsung. Performing a factory reset on Android phones is one of the best ways to speed up the device and prevent lag and delay in performance.

5. Restart your Phone

Restarting the phone is one of the temporary methods that many users use as one of the most effective ways to solve the problem of hanging Samsung. When you restart the phone, all its data resources are emptied and restarted, and it takes on a new life, so it is natural that the speed of the device will increase, at least for a short time, and the problem of hanging the phone will be solved.

6. Remove malware or Bloatware

Some special applications are designed to use a large number of phone resources and will lead to slow device performance. These applications are called Bloatware. You can remove the malicious application and Bloatware from your phone memory to solve the problem of hanging Samsung. Always try to avoid installing unknown and numerous applications on the phone as this will be very effective in slowing down the device. Installing multiple and non-functional applications in phones is not correct at all and is one of the main causes of lag, delay and hang of the device.

7. Transfer photos and videos to PC

Most users only record photos and videos with the camera of their mobile phones and no longer work with those photos and videos! These photos and videos are gradually stored in the phone’s memory and their volume is increasing day by day. Thus, in a certain period, a large part of the phone’s memory will be occupied by its photos and videos. In this situation, you will most likely see the problem of hanging Samsung. To prevent this problem, we recommend that you always transfer photos and videos saved with your phone camera to your computer at regular intervals. This will free up the internal memory of the phone and reduce the possibility of problems with Samsung.

8. Prevent the phone from overheating

It may seem strange to you, but in many cases, it has been seen that overheating the phone due to heavy games and applications for a long time leads to slowing down the phone and slowing it. Therefore, it is better to avoid heavy games on the phone for a long time as much as possible. This is especially true when your phone is a mid-range phone and is under a lot of pressure while playing the game. So not running heavy games on the device for a long time and preventing it from getting hot can be used as another way to prevent Samsung from hanging.

9. Reduce widgets, animations and more

All visual effects that are active on the phone will slow down the device. For example, in Android phones, installing a large number of widgets causes a larger part of the phone’s RAM to be involved in analyzing the information of these widgets and is constantly full. This way, if the phone’s RAM has a small capacity, it will have problems, and more lag, delays, and hangs may occur. Animations and visual effects can also slow down the performance of the phone. When more visual effects and animations are enabled on the phone, more pressure is applied to the device’s processor to analyze information about them, which can also slow down the phone’s performance. So by reducing the number of widgets, animations, and visual effects, you can significantly prevent your Samsung phone from hanging.

10. Update your operating system

One of the most important methods that fewer users pay attention to is updating the operating system. Updates that are released for your phone’s operating system include changes that sometimes have a positive effect on the speed of the phone and lead to problems and bugs such as Samsung hang. So always try to update your phone’s operating system to the latest available version, both on Android and iOS. The updates that are released for your phone are not without reason and will contain important changes that you may not notice at first glance, but you will feel these changes over time.


As you can see, in this article, we introduced 10 effective ways to solve the problem of hanging Samsung and Apple iPhone. The methods we have mentioned are the most effective methods that you can use to prevent your phone from slowing down or fixing the problem of slowing it down. We recommend that you take the issues and topics we mentioned in this article seriously to get the most out of your phone.

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