Apple Sidecar: How to use iPad as a Second Monitor for macOS Catalina?

With each, every new operating system, Apple releases, contains a bunch of cool new features. I’m certainly sure you know about the macOS 10.15 Catalina new features, and yet one of them is called the Apple Sidecar. In both events of 2019, Apple released a new iPad with three sizes and a special Operating system known as the iPadOS.

The Apple Sidecar is one of the cool and amazing features which allows you to use your iPad as the second monitor. It can be used wirelessly through a router or it can be set up using the USB cable. It is easily said in words; it can be set up with two methods but How to connect and use your iPad as a second monitor with the macOS 10.15 Catalina. In other words how to use an iPad as a second monitor for macOS Catalina.

Before starting with How to set up your iPad as a second monitor, you have to know, it only works with the macOS Catalina. The previous versions of mac don’t have this feature. However third party software is available which is even better compared to the Airplay which connects with the iPad. I don’t if you guys used the TeamViewer on Windows or no; this is an app that remotely controls your computer from far away. IT users mostly use this app for solving issues that others can’t do.

Once you set up the Apple Sidecar, you can use your Apple pencil a mouse to scroll, draw, type, or whatever you want to do. Air Display 3 allows you to scroll with your finger alongside the other features.

How to setup Apple Sidecar wireless using the Airplay?

It is so much easy; certainly, like drinking water to set up the Apple sidecar and turn the iPad as a second monitor. But make sure you have macOS 10.15 Catalina on PC and iPadOS running on the iPad. Apple sidecar works wirelessly up to 30 feet away, more than that it will be disconnected.

Step 1. On the menu bar at the right side click on the Airplay and choose the iPad which you want to turn to the second monitor. The Airplay has an icon of the Rectangle and it is located beside the Wifi logo.

Apple Sidecar
Connect to iPad

Step 2. From the menu, select your iPad name which appeared there.

That’s all, now your iPad will immediately work as the second monitor to the macOS 10.15 Catalina. In other words, on the macOS Catalina, you will see the Airplay icon and on the iPad, you will an empty desktop icon.

Apple Sidecar
Sidecar Interface on iPad

It has many functionalities and one of moving or sending apps to the iPad, even it is connected. Once, hold your mouse over the green expansion button you will the below menus.

  • Enter fullscreen.
  • Tile window to left or right screen.
  • Tile Window to the right screen.
  • Move to built-in Retina Display.
  • Move to the iPad.
  • Move to {Your iPad Name} iPad.

To disconnect it from the iPad, hold the blue icon on your iPad and the window will appear, select disconnect. on the mac, open the sidecar settings and disconnect it.

Apple Sidecar
Disconnect iPadOS from Sidecar

Set up Apple Sidecar With USB-C Cable

The process of setting the iPad as the second monitor with USB-C Cable is the same as the wireless. The only difference is, connect both of them to cable, however, it works so much smoothy compare to the wireless. I hope soon enough when the macOS 10.15 Catalina is released the laggy problem should be fixed.

Apple Sidecar

How to fix Error 1009 on iPhone & iPad?

Apple Sidecar Functionalities and customization options

Apple Sidecar is the first iPad that has two menus, the sidebar menu, and the Virtual touch bar buttons. The sidebar menu contains the below keyboard shortcuts.

  • Command
  • Option
  • Control
  • Shift
  • Undo
  • Show Keyboard
  • Disconnect Sidecar
  • Touch Bar

The bottom menu contains the ESC, Volume up, Volume down, brightness control, Siri button and more.

Inside the macOS Catalina, you can split the screen into two windows, or make it full screen by holding on the green expansion. You can also move the sidebar in the left or to the right if you wish, as I said; you hide all the menus.

Make changes to the View of the Sidecar

The Airplay allows you to use the iPad as a second monitor, you can also use it to mirror in Retina Built-in Display. You can access all settings of the Sidebar on the preferences.

Here are some of the features of Apple Sidecar:

  • Touch on the iPad: The iPad touch can’t be used over all the apps just like you are doing it on the iPad. Instead of the Touch, you have to use the Apple Pencil, and there are some apps where the iPad touch response such as the drawing apps.
  • Continuity Sketch: Create or sketch PDF files, highlight them.
  • Gestures: You can use multi-touch gestures such as the cut, copy paste and other gestures you know.
  • Developer account: Use your Developer account for testing apps their.

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