9 Super Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 11

As you know, Windows 11 was officially unveiled a while ago, Currently, it is under development. At the moment only the Windows Insiders have access to it, and each week Microsoft is releasing new updates with bug fixes and updates. My idea is really simple, upgrade to Windows 11 if you are using another Microsoft operating system. But what about you, What are the reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 and other versions? In this article, I have tested Windows 11 for almost a month and I have these reasons to upgrade to Windows 11.

9 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 11

1. Being up to date

The first and foremost motivation for upgrading to Windows 11 is to be up to date, especially in today’s era of ransomware attacks. Windows 11 will be the first system to receive all the security updates and patches that can affect users of previous versions of Windows. Even if you are not interested in new features, maintaining security and updating should be important to you.

2. A new Interface (Start Menu in the middle)

The new Windows 11 interface is kind of amazing and cooler compared to the older version of windows. The icons are centered, a new notification center has been introduced and the whole icons are updated. In the File Explorer, you will see that the icons are totally changed and a new compact view has been added to the File Explorer. And besides, most of the control panel settings are now moved inside the windows settings. Since we are talking about the interface, do not forget the round corner edges of the window. Now I can definitely say that Windows 11 is the alternative to the macOS series in terms of look and style. A cool new animation has been added to the interface when you are minimizing or maximizing a window, or you’re opening the window.

Centered Start Menu

3. A new Microsoft Store

It was cool that Microsoft added their own Microsoft Store to their operating system. But unfortunately, most of the apps which were in the Microsoft Store were useless and almost no one was using them. Now Microsoft Store has a new design, and developers are really interested in bringing their applications into the Microsoft Store. Since the announcement of Windows 11, many companies are developing their applications to bring inside the Microsoft Store. And among them is zoom and WinRAR which were missing from the Microsoft Store.

New Microsoft Store

4. Install Android apps

Whenever I wanted to test an Android application inside my computer I had to use an emulator. or I had to install any Android version inside a VMWare workstation or VirtualBox and I was simply testing those applications. But with windows 11 that is not the case anymore. Because through the Amazon App Store Microsoft is bringing the Android application to Windows 11. You can directly download the Android apps inside your windows 11. With the current build of the windows 11 22000.100 in the dev channel, they have just introduced the new Windows store. We’ll have to wait regarding the performance and using the third-party applications in windows 11.

5. Snap Layouts

The snap layout or screen layouts were among the major feature of Windows 7 and since there is not a major change in it. But with Windows 11 there are huge and major changes in the snap layouts. These layouts are pre-configured and customizable snap layouts in Windows 11 that have been added to the snap feature which is allowing you to create and use your own layout whenever you want. Especially if you are a programmer or a developer, you are using multiple screens, snap layouts are a huge help.

reasons to upgrade to windows 11
Snap Layouts in Windows 11

6. Snap Groups (to save your layouts)

In addition to new predefined and customizable Snap designs, Snap Groups have also been added. Snap Groups are used to store specific designs of specific applications. For example, if you need to edit a video and have your video editor on one half of the page and Media Player on the other, a Snap Group will remind you. Also when are projecting your screen, the snap layout group remembers the settings for those applications you attach next time.

reasons to upgrade to windows 11
Snap Groups

7. Windows 11 supports multiple desktops

Windows 10 was also supporting multiple desktops but with a lot of restrictions. So, this feature is not new but some major changes and updates are included. In Windows 10, to use multiple desktops, everyone had to use the same background, and the use of third-party applications was prohibited. Windows 11 has a desktop with separate backgrounds that allow for additional customization for each desktop.

reasons to upgrade to windows 11
Multiple Desktops in Windows 11

8. Direct Storage support

Everyone knows that using SSDs will make your computer faster, but most modern games do not have the feature to make the most of this speed. But with the PS5 and Xbox series consoles supporting NVMe SSDs, games run at the same level of storage speed. Direct Storage brings this technology to Windows 11 but it is only available in this version of Windows.

9. Auto HDR to Automatically add HDR to newer games

4K HDR monitors are more common than ever, but there are very few games that support HDR on a PC. HDR can add a lot to a game, but unfortunately, not all games support it. But with Windows 11, Microsoft uses Xbox Auto HDR technology and applies it to all DirectX 11 (or newer) games running on the operating system.

9. DirectX 12 Ultimate support

DirectX 12 Ultimate is where all the features of the next generation of games are available in Windows, especially for games that use features like Ray Tracing and mesh shading. If you want the highest graphics and frame settings in the game, having DirectX 12 Ultimate is a must for Windows gamers.


To tell you the truth, Windows 11 is far more superior compare to the older versions of the Windows operating system. Alongside these features and updates, major updates are included in Linux distros in Windows 11. If you remember in Windows 10, you can install Linux, but in Windows 11 you can run the Graphical Applications of Linux too. So, I hope these reasons convinced you to upgrade to Windows 11.

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