How to Install macOS Ventura on VirtualBox on Windows PC?

It is curiosity that civilizations have improved, people matured, discovered new lands, species created new tech and more. Why not try macOS Ventura, what is the harm in it. It doesn’t matter if you are not using macOS as your daily operating system, just give …


Bliss OS: Bring the Android 10 Experience on Computer

Although there are several ways to run Android on your PC, the bliss operating system is better because it avoids simulated spam and ads that can ruin your experience. This open source project includes rebuilt code from Android x86 and an oreo version created to …


6 Steps – Install macOS Catalina with ISO on VirtualBox on Windows

Oracle is the founder of the Virtual box virtualization technology. Developers, penetration testers, IT students and other computer geeks are using Virtualbox widely compare to VMware because it is open source. There is also QEMU, which is also an open source virtualization software but that …