How to write content to attract more customers?

Today, content is recognized as a superior tool for attracting audiences and customers. In order to produce content to attract more customers, we need to follow some tips.

Content production has become an important part of business marketing processes, especially startups. However, many businesses are unaware of its importance and focus only on product development and optimization. Suppose a product is marketed after a long period of design and review, and now it’s time to mass-market it. Definitely at this point, your first plan will be extensive marketing. Here you have to first ask yourself which marketing channels should I focus on the most?

Neil Patel, an online marketing professor, looked at the marketing budgets of 208 companies in detail. His study found that 60 percent of corporate marketing spending was spent on Google AdWords, another 20 percent on Facebook advertising, and that content marketing was next with 10 percent of the budget. Advertising on Google and Facebook had the highest customer conversion rates, but content marketing accounted for 600 percent of the return on marketing capital for companies. Meanwhile, the rate of return on investment was 350 percent.

The obvious point of Patel’s review is that advertising is more profitable, but content marketing will be more cost-effective. As a result of these findings, the importance of copyright (content production with the aim of attracting more and more customers) can be understood. Now that we understand the importance of content, we come to the question of how to produce content to attract more customers. In the rest of this intozoom article, we will answer this question.

8 Tips to write content to attract more customers

1. The importance of reading pattern

Studies of users’ reading patterns show that in English articles and left-to-right languages, there is a pattern similar to the letter F in reading content. The same pattern can be verified for Persian and other right-to-left languages, and vice versa.

In the F-reading pattern, users usually read the first line of the article and then scan it to the bottom to better understand the topic. During the longitudinal scan of the article, the subtitles attract the audience’s attention, which eventually forms the F-pattern. It is worth noting that there are other study models for reading the article, but this model is currently more important for content marketing experts. The following strategies are suggested to design the article as well as possible and to accompany the pattern:

  • Write the headlines and subtitles clearly.
  • Use the most important words at the beginning of the text. Use the most important words first, both at the beginning of paragraphs and in subtitles.
  • Highlight important words and phrases.
  • Enhance the importance of small sections by using colors, frames, and images.
  • Use numeric lists, bullets, and tables.

2. Avoid defining excessively, addressing the facts

Advertising products and organizations will definitely be attractive, but customers in content are not looking for such texts because they do not have enough time to read your many definitions of product and service. In fact, audiences are always looking for important facts and information, and they need to get there as quickly as possible.

To get a closer look at the valuable details of the text and facts, first make a list of the titles and reasons for their importance. How will your product help customers? What makes your product better than its competitors? In answering these questions, not only write your opinion, but also put the teaching and expression of facts in an attractive tone on the agenda. If you produce your content short, engaging, and comprehensible, it’s better than just sticking to the number of words.

content to attract more customers

3. Attractive content

Today’s users spend a lot of time studying or using content on smartphones and computers. On the other hand, they are always inclined to consume content, but among the huge volume of available choices, attractive and useful content is more valuable. As a result, if your content isn’t very appealing, people will just read the basics. As a result, the chances of the audience turning into a customer will be very low.

The task of content production is not only to inform and educate, but also to create attractiveness and interest in such content. To find out if the content generated is useful or not, you can check the following factors on your website and services:

  • Abandonment of the website
  • Number of cases of cancellation of registration or tracking on social networks
  • Low interaction
  • A little sharing on social media
  • Reduce traffic or no growth

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items:

  • Produce concise and useful content
  • Produce content with impressive readability
  • Injecting private and intimate texts
  • story telling
  • Add visual content
content to attract more customers

4. Focus on headlines

Headlines can be called the most important part of content. If you can’t attract an audience with a headline, the original text will never be read; therefore, the process of selecting and writing the text should be as important to you as the product labeling. You can use the following strategies to choose the best headline:

  • Setting aside part of the purpose of the text
  • Add company tone
  • Suitable for search engines
  • Avoid focusing too much on searchable words
  • Descriptive

5. Personalization

Storytelling, if done properly, is a secret weapon for businesses. Of course, you shouldn’t confuse content production with writing a novel. Conversely, the more you personalize the text, the more engaging it will be. To tell a story, you first need creativity. Define a story that is relevant to your product or service, and set aside old ideas, slogans, and clear efforts to engage the audience.

6. Understanding mistakes

You may not get the desired result after following all the tips in content production. Never give up at such a stage and refer your text to other authors for review. In addition to producing, some professional content producers are also involved in reviewing and analyzing, and can help improve your marketing content with your marketing team. However, working with professionals to understand initial mistakes will generally be necessary.

content to attract more customers

7. Writing purposefully and simple

Define your purpose before writing the first word. Your goal should not only be to sell products and services, but also to make customers eager and even in love with your product. Don’t forget to limit the word to create a sense of enthusiasm in the audience. In other words, you need to convey your meaning in the best possible way using the fewest words. Consider simplification as your first task in producing content. The main goal should be to build a relationship with the reader, and then the importance of teaching and seeing the product comes to the fore. Finally, to achieve all the goals, you need to consider the simplicity that, in addition to being attractive, increases the likelihood of attracting customers.

8. Research and planning

The research process may seem tedious to most people before writing. Content that has no scientific or research basis is unlikely to appeal to today’s active and intelligent audience. The purpose of the research is to add content and details related to the original text. For example, advertising content can be linked to current social events to convey a sense of vitality.

In the content planning section, you can mention points such as choosing the type and length. Before you write, you need to know what style of content will be produced. Do you think of storytelling from the beginning, or are you interested in scientific articles focusing on research? In addition, the length of the production content must be selected depending on the distribution channel. For example, text published on a website is fundamentally different from content found on social media.