The Ultimate Guide to Start Dropshipping in 2021

The dropshipping business is an incredibly simple form of business, and as a drop-shipper, you are free from headaches associated with inventory management. Whenever your e-commerce store receives an order, the order is directly sent to a supplier who then fulfills the order by directly shipping it to the customer or shopper. So, you don’t even have to maintain a physical inventory of the products while reaching all the orders.

In the dropshipping business, if a customer (C) orders from your drop-shipping website (A), then the order will be forwarded to your supplier (B).

The B will take care of the packing and shipping to ensure that C receives the order on A’s behalf. In a regular drop-shipping business model, B and A will perform all functions together.

Starting a drop-shipping business website is incredibly simple, especially while using an e-commerce store like Shopify. It will not take you more than a day to create the website. Once this is done, you can source all the products and then open up the store for business.

Why Shopify for a drop-shipping business?

dropshipping business

Before learning about how to start a drop-shipping business store, it is important to understand your reasons to start a drop-shipping store. In this section, let us talk about the reasons why using Shopify is a good idea for your drop-shipping business.

Shopify is easy to use and is one of the most user-friendly platforms in the market these days. One of the major reasons to use Shopify is that it is drop-shipper friendly.

This platform offers various solutions that are specially designed for a drop-shipping business model, such as Oberlo, that works brilliantly well with Shopify.

Starting drop-shipping business

#1 Find a Niche:

The first step to establishing a drop-shipping business is to find out what you wish to sell and outlining your target audience. However, while selecting the niche, ensure that it is something you are genuinely interested in. If you don’t have an interest in what you’re selling, you will quickly lose interest in your business. Also, it becomes difficult to convince others to become spending customers if you don’t believe in what your business offers.

#2 Secure Suppliers:

Your dropshipping business cannot be a success unless you have a good supplier in place. Partnering with the wrong supplier can essentially spell disaster for your business. While selecting a drop-shipping supplier, there are certain factors you must pay attention to reviews, feedback, and quality of products.

#3 Name the Shopify Dropshipping Store:

Once you are aware of your needs and have secured suppliers, it is time to name the Shopify store. Ensure that the name of the Shopify store is creative, simple, and memorable.

The first step is to visit the homepage of Shopify, then enter your email address to get started. Once you enter the email address, you’ll be required to create a password for the Shopify account and the name further dropshipping store on Shopify. Then there are a couple of questions you must fill out about your experience with eCommerce and other personal details.

#4 Always Optimize the Shopify Account:

The three aspects of your Shopify business you need to optimize are the payment information, store, policies, and shipping rates. The first step is to add a payment option to the dropshipping store on Shopify. It is an important step, and you cannot receive any money from your customers if you don’t offer a payment option. As a dropshipping store owner on Shopify, ensure that you spend sufficient time to create the required store policies.

If you are unsure of where to start, Shopify offers a helpful tool that allows you to automatically generate standardized policies for refunds, privacy, and any other terms and conditions associated with the store. To access this tool, open Shopify settings and click on the option “checkout” and scroll to the bottom of the page to find all the details. Once you find the details, click on the “generate,” button and all the policies you require will be increased. The shipping rates should be clear while establishing a Shopify dropshipping store. The easiest option is to offer free shipping. For instance, if the product costs $10 to ship a $ 50 item, instead of charging separately for shipping, ensure that you are selling the product for $60.

#5 Time to Launch the Drop-Shipping Store:

Now that you created and optimized the Shopify store for dropshipping, it is time to launch the dropshipping store. To launch the store, go to the “sales channels” section on the settings on your Shopify page. From there, select the option, “add an online store.” Once you complete the setup, your online store will be up and running and you are ready to go.

The Ultimate Guide to Start Drop-shipping

Since it is the ultimate guide to start a drop-shipping business, you need every answer you are looking for. For that reason, we have collected content from the Shopify blog to answer them. In simple words you will find everything to know about dropshipping, so let’s start.

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