How to Block Pop-Ups ads on Firefox Mozilla (Android, iOS, and PC)

Most of us find Ads and pop-ups annoying and disturbing when we see them on every web page. You know being redirected while opening a website on our browsers is something we do not want to see. So many people think that the ads and pop-ups are strong indications of viruses or some sort of malware. Well, yes. A pop-up or redirect might occur on a browser due to a virus or malware, but most times that’s not really the case. In most cases, ads are used by website owners for earning money. So, what do you do when you don’t want to see any ads anymore. Well, there are many ways to block ads in Firefox, Chrome on pc, and android. So; let’s dig in and find out how to Block Pop-Ups on firefox (Android, iOS, and PC).

Well, if you are Microsoft Edge we have a guide too on How to block Ads on Microsoft Edge on Android and PC.

How to Block Pop-Ups in Firefox?

Step by step Guide to Block Pop-ups in Firefox on PC

At the moment Mozilla Firefox is the third most used browser after Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari. If you are one of them here is guide to block Block Pop-Ups in Firefox on PC.

Step 1. Open Firefox Mozilla and click more options which is three dots or hamburger menu, then choose options.

Step 2. Now you are in the settings of Firefox Mozilla, scroll down until you find permissions. Once You did make sure to check the box of Block Pop-ups Windows.

Block Pop-Ups in Firefox on PC

It definitely ensures to block the Pop-ups ads however if there are some exceptions sites, you can allow them. Just click on exceptions in front of the box and add the URL or the domain.

How to Block Advertisements in Mozilla Firefox

Alongside the current version of Firefox Mozilla, you can totally block any type of ads with extensions. The most popular extensions are called AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, and Adblocker Ultimate. There is a whole list that is approved by the Mozilla team for blocking Ads.

There are other Extensions Like Noscript, unfortunately, they do not work properly on Mozilla Firefox. So, it is better to continue with those extensions which their developer team has approved.

So, to install any AdBlocker Extension of Mozilla Firefox on PC use the below guideline.

Step 1. Launch Firefox and Click on the hamburger menu and choose Addons.

Install Extension of Firefox on PC

Step 2. Search For AdBlocker, click on Add to Firefox to install it.

Add Extension to Firefox on PC

How to Block Pop-Ups in Firefox on Android?

Unfortunately, the Mozilla team has not added the feature to block Pop-ups directly on Android. But when there will there is a way, we can configure its settings to Block Pop-ups on Firefox on Android. Unfortunately, you can’t configure it in the stable version, right now you can use this method in the Firefox beta version.

For a stable version, you can use an adblocker extension to do the job. Here is a guide how you can install an extension to block ad on Firefox on Android.

Step 1. Tap on three dots and choose add ons.

Step 2. Find among the extensions Adguard AdBlocker.

Step 3. Tap on the plus icon, then tap add and wait until the extension is installed.

Adguard AdBlocker is an extension which blocks every type of ads on web when you are surfing. If you are using YouTube on Firefox it will block the ads their too. So, no Pop-ups, no internal ads, no video ads and no link ads.

Block Pop-Ups
Install Adguard Adblocker Extension on Firefox

If you want to remove the Adguard Adblocker, go to Add ons, tap on the on Adguard AdBlocker and remove it.

Block Pop-Ups
Remove Adguard Adblocker

How to Block Pop-Ups in Firefox Beta on Android?

If you are using the Firefox beta version on your Android device, you can follow the instructions.

Step 1. Launch Firefox and about:config, you may face a warning but don’t worry just keep going.

Block Pop-Ups
Access about:config

Step 2. Their is a search bar, search for dom.disable_open_during_load

set it true to block pop-ups and if you want to allow it set to false.

Block Pop-Ups
Disable Pop-ups Ads