The Best Way to Speed Up a Slowing Computer

Advanced SystemCare 15 Free is free Windows software offered by IObit. It contains a variety of utilities from IObit that speed up your computer. It also cleans your computer for any junk or cache files. There are many security issues or vulnerabilities that need to be investigated. This Advanced System Care 15 software fixes all security issues and also removes spyware. Installation is relatively easy, and all information is provided in the installation guide.

Advanced SystemCare

Pros and Cons of Advance SystemCare 15

Here are the pros and cons of Advanced SystemCare 15.


  • It has a intuitive and user friendly interface.
  • It is a low-cost software and a free version is also available.
  • It has a health monitor that provides all the information about the system.
  • It has a widget for monitoring performance.
  • Increases web browsing speed.
  • This version has many additional features.


  • Some features need to be downloaded separately.
  • It has some installation limitations.

Features of Advance SystemCare 15

Here are some features of Advanced SystemCare 15.

1. Easy-to-use

This software is straightforward to use and operate. You will have an immense understanding of it. It has many features that help you improve your computer system for better performance. This will make your computer cleaner and better.

2. System Protection

PCs require a variety of precautions. But if you are looking for 1-click protection against unauthorized boils, viruses, advertisements, and other issues of theft and piracy then you should consider installing this software to keep track of all such issues. There are many scamming programs out there that could endanger your sensitive data or invade cryptocurrency mining, so if you want to avoid all such thefts, Advanced SystemCare 15 is a good option to consider.

3. Speed Booster

This software contains various optimization tools designed to speed up your computer. Its Turbo Boost feature prevents some background processes and releases RAM. It also profoundly improves network, hard disk, and other system optimization.

4. Software Updater

It also can update other outdated software and also provides all kinds of information about the version of your software. So Advanced SystemCare 15 includes all the things you need to keep your computer safe and up to date.

5. Safe Browsing

There are a lot of threats while browsing. Therefore, Advanced SystemCare 15 has a variety of tools to protect your system from browsing threats and insecure websites. They will protect your browsing sessions and protect you from all kinds of phishing attacks and threats.

6. AI Mode and Startup Optimizer

Advanced SystemCare 15 has an AI mode that intelligently performs various cleaning and security operations on your computer. It also has a new feature that speeds up the PC. Smart Optimizer enables faster PC bootup.


The overall performance of Advanced SystemCare is excellent and as always reliable. By using it, I found it intuitive, efficient, and worth the money I earned. Except for the unavailability of external scans and unnecessary advertising banners, the software runs smoothly without any major problems. My computer and internet speeds have improved significantly since using Advanced SystemCare. It offers more tools than CCleaner, one of its closest competitors.

Both CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare have easy-to-use interfaces, but the overall look of the latter is much better. If you want to improve the performance of your computer and protect it at the same time, then IObit Advanced SystemCare is an ideal solution. It launches a well-organized file and other recollection cleaning system and protects the aware information of your device. It also protects you from annoying ads and pop-ups.