How to Install IDM on macOS Big Sur?

If you also love downloading with IDM, in this tutorial we will tell you how to install the wonderful Internet Download Manager (IDM) program on MacOS to easily download your files.

IDM is one of the most powerful download and management programs on Windows, making it one of the world’s leading download managers. There are many equivalent programs for this on a Mac, such as Folx, but none of them are really as good as IDM, and they don’t give you the download speed you need. Well, there is no problem in this tutorial. With the help of CrossOver program, you can install this program on your Mac and enjoy the maximum download speed.

To do this tutorial, you will need the following:

  1. Download and install CrossOver on Mac, download here.
  2. Download the activated version of IDM, which you can download directly from this link.
  1. Now run CrossOver. On the first page, you will see the following option in the image.
  2. Select Install Windows Software to view the new window.

Now in the menu that opens in the above tabs, select the installer option. In this section, you can give the exe file directly to the program or give the folder where the program is located. Click on the first option for the file and the second option for the folder.

6- In this post, we clicked on the direct file. A window will then open asking you to give the program the exe file of the Internet Download Manager file that you have already downloaded.

7- After selecting the exe file, you will enter the select appliction menu. In this section, click on the last option and click Continue so that the program starts to be installed.

8- After installing the program, it is ready to work and you only need to run it in CrossOver program.

Have you installed IDM from this tutorial? Share your experience with us.