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Let me give you a warm welcome to our technology blog which provides content Almost for newbies. We are getting a lot of guest post reviews, but mostly we don’t take them for certain reasons. But from here on we will accept guest posts.

Free Guest Post

  1. Open-Source Community: As long as you are part of the open-source community and you are promoting it to and teaching people How to install, configure, set up and more, you are welcome to publish your content here for free. However, make sure that you have a GitHub repository when you are linking your code into your post.
  2. Newbie Freelancer: If you are looking to build a portfolio online, and then through them get clients from the freelancing platforms, you are most welcome to publish your content. However, we only accept guest posts that are related to our categories. Certain other rules are also applied to it and you won’t be paid. For more details contact
  3. Collaboration Guest Post: If you have created your own website, you are looking for a way to get backlinks for it. You are also welcome to publish it here but certain rules must be applied. For more information contact

In the past we have rejected many Paid guest posts offers, however, now we are starting to accept them. But we are not accepting every category, for instance, casinos and Gambling.

  • We want to put a standard price for everyone, so the price for a guest post with a do-follow link is $60. This also includes further changes to your guest post, just email us the URL of the content and include where to bring changes.
  • If you are ready to publish your content, make sure to provide a featured image too.

For other inquiries and suggestions please contact us through our email address.


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