Download MacBook For Dummies 8th Edition

Table of Content:


  • Foolish Assumption
  • About This Book
  • Icons used in This Book
  • Beyond the Book
  • Where to GO from Here


Chapter 1: Hey, It Really Does Have Everything I Need

  • An Overview of Your Mac Laptop
  • The parts you probably recognize
  • The holes called ports.
  • Don’t forget the parts you cant see
  • Meet the MacBooks
  • Comparing the MacBooks
  • Look, Ma, no moving parts!
  • What if I need that pesky optical drive?
  • Location, Location, Location!
  • Unpacking and Connecting Your Laptop
  • Unpacking for the road warrior
  • Connecting Cables 101
  • Great- a Lecture about Handling My Laptop
  • An Overview of Mac Software Goodness
  • What comes with my laptop?
  • Connecting to the Internet from your lap
  • Applications that rock
  • Boot Camp for Dummies
  • Other stuff that nearly everyone wants

Chapter 2: Turning On Your Portable Powerhouse

  • Tales of the On Button
  • Mark’s Favorite Signs Of a Healthy Laptop..
  • You Wont Lecture Me about Batteries, Will You?-
  • Setting up and Registering Your Laptop
    • Your iCloud account is your friend
    • Setting up macOS Catalina
    • Registering your MacBook
  • Importing Stuff from Another Mac..
    Importing Stuff from Windows (If You Must)

Chapter 3: The MacBook Owners Introduction to macOS Catalina

  • Your Own Personal Operating System
  • The Catalina Desktop
    • Meet me at the Dock
    • Dig those crazy icons
    • There’s no food on this menu
    • The Finder menu bar is your friend
  • There’s always room for one more window
  • Wait a Second: Where the Heck Are the Mouse Buttons?
  • Launching and Quitting Applications with Aplomb
  • Performing Tricks with Finder Windows
    • Scrolling in and resizing windows
    • Minimizing and restoring windows
    • Moving and zooming windows
    • Closing windows
  • Juggling Folders and Icons
    • A field observers guide to icons
    • Selecting items
    • Copying items
    • Moving things from place to place
    • Duplicating in a jiffy
    • Using Finder Tabs
  • Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts to Fame and Fortune
    • Special keys on the keyboard
    • Using the Finder and application keyboard shortcuts
  • Home, Sweet Home Folder
  • Working with Mission Control
  • Switching Desktops with Spaces
  • Personalizing Your Desktop
  • Customizing the Dock
    • Adding applications and extras to the Dock
    • Keeping track with Stacks
    • Resizing the Dock
  • Whats with the Trash?
  • All You Really Need to Know about Printing
  • And Just in Case You Need Help
    • The Catalina built-in Help system
    • The Apple web-based support center
    • Magazines
    • Local Mac user groups

Part 2: Shaking Hands with macOS Catalina

Chapter 4: What’s new in macOS Catalina

  • The Protected System Volume
  • Porting iOS Applications to Catalina
  • The Arrival of Music, TV, and Podcasts
  • A New Home for Apple ID
  • Extending Your MacBook with Sidecar
  • Using Screen Time
  • Make Unsubscribing Easy

Chapter 5: A Nerd’s Guide to System Preferences

  • An Explanation — without Jargon. No Less
  • Locating That Certain Special Setting
  • Popular Preferences Panes Explained
    • The Displays pane
    • The Desktop & Screen Saver pane
    • Mission Control preferences
    • The General pane
    • The Energy Saver pane
    • The Dock pane
    • The Sharing pane.
    • The Time Machine pane
    • Apple ID preferences
    • Notifications preference

Chapter 6: Sifting Through Your Stuff

  • Doing a Basic Search.
  • How Cool Is That? Discovering What Spotlight Can Do
  • Expanding Your Search Horizons
  • Customizing Spotlight to Your Taste

Chapter 7: Using Reminders. Notes, Notifications, and Maps

  • Remind Me to Use Reminders
  • Taking Notes the Catalina Way
  • Staying Current with Notification Center
  • Introducing the Maps Application
  • Switching Views in Maps
  • Getting Directions Over Yonder


Chapter 8: Let’s Go Safari!

  • Pretend You’ve Never used This Thing
  • Visiting Websites
  • Navigating the Web
  • Setting up Your Home Page
  • Adding and using Bookmarks
  • Working with the Reading List
  • Downloading Files…
  • Using History .
  • Tabs Are Your Browsing Friends .
  • Printing Web pages…
  • Protecting Your Privacy……
    • Yes, there are such things as bad cookies. .
    • Banishing pesky iCloud Keychain passwords
    • Handling ancient history
    • Setting notifications
    • Avoiding those pop-up ads .

Chapter 9: iCloud Is Made for MacBooks

  • so How Does iCloud Work, Anyway?
  • Moving. Saving, and Opening iCloud Documents
  • Putting Handoff to Work
  • Configuring iCloud
  • Managing Your iCloud Storage

Chapter 10: Your Laptop Goes Multiuser

  • Once Upon a Time (An Access Fairy Tale) .
  • Big-Shot Administrator Stuff .
    • Deciding who needs what access
    • Adding users.
    • Modifying user accounts .
    • I banish thee, mischievous . .
    • Setting up login items and managing access
  • Tackling Mundane Chores for the Multiuser Laptop
    • Logging in and out Of Catalina For Dummies
    • Interesting stuff about sharing stuff
    • Encrypting your Home folder can be fun

Chapter 11: Working Well with Networks

  • What Exactly Is the Network Advantage?
  • Should You Go Wired or Wireless?.
  • Be a Pal: Share Your Internet!
    • Using your MacBook as a sharing device
    • Using a dedicated Internet-sharing device

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