How to Wirelessly sync Photos between android and windows 10?

Wirelessly sync Photos between android and windows 10

Getting your photos both on your phone and PC has always been a headache. It is simply due to the slow transfer speed of Bluetooth and the fuzziness of keeping different types of USB cables. That’s enough if you are are suffering from it because with these methods you are going to bypass them. So, … Read more

Bliss OS: Bring the Android 10 Experience on Computer

Although there are several ways to run Android on your PC, the bliss operating system is better because it avoids simulated spam and ads that can ruin your experience. This open source project includes rebuilt code from Android x86 and an oreo version created to create a dynamic operating system For Bliss OS. Bliss OS … Read more

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode Android?

It’s been a whole year since Facebook put WhatsApp on Beta Version. They have added dark mode feature several months ago but still, it is not been finalized. There is no news why but according to rumors, the dark mode will arrive next month for all devices. So, if you can’t wait for dark to … Read more

How to Jailbreak iOS 13 without Computer? [Beginners Guid]

How to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 with and without a computer

Maybe you have Jailbroken your device But what does Jailbreak mean? What is behind the screen of Jailbreaking? why perform the Jailbreak Task? Why not perform Jailbreak on your Phone? How to Fix Jailbroken iPhone? Is It Illegal to Jailbreak a Phone? Is jailbreak only for Apple devices? And Finally How to Jailbreak iOS 13 … Read more

iPhone 11 Pro Review: The Best Camera Ever

Apple released three new iPhones all at once this year, The iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now, I honestly think the iPhone 11 is the phone most people in the iOS ecosystem should get if they’re upgrading. The dark mode, cash review for professionals who use their phones … Read more