Best Audio Editing Apps for iPhone 14, iPhone 13 | Alternative Apps to Heavy Apps

When it comes to voice editing applications, we first think of programs such as Adobe Audition, Cubase, or Forge, as well as professional software designed to be used on the desktop. Of course, some of these applications are also provided for mobile phones. It is true that the performance of iOS applications does not reach the level of specialized tools in this field. But we can safely say that they amaze you with their features and characteristics. Join us now to know the Best Audio Editing Apps for iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and more. In other words, these apps are Alternative Apps to Heavy Apps such as Adobe Auditions, and others for iOS 16, iOS 15. While using these apps, it saves battery power than other iPhone audio editing apps.

1. Garage Band- Turn your iPhone into a studio

If you ask musicians, there are probably few who do not know GarageBand. This app provides you with tools for making music on iPhone and is complete software for audio editing in iOS. This application supports almost all formats and allows you to compose with various instruments such as drums, guitar, and piano. This makes your experience of using a garage bar much sweeter than other software. This app is installed by default on iPhones and you can use it.

Garage Band

EZAudioCut – Audio Editor Lite, a simple and practical tool

EZAudioCut – Audio Editor Lite application, despite its simple appearance, is a professional and practical application. The advantage of this voice editing program for iPhone is its simple and convenient user interface that allows you to record and edit your audio and music files using the tools in the program. In addition, you have the ability to add your own sound effects and make your content more engaging. One of the features that distinguish it from other applications is the support for various formats that allow you to save the final file in the format you want.

EZAudioCut – Audio Editor Lite.png

If you also like to have EZAudioCut – Audio Editor Lite on your iPhone, you can download it from the App Store.

Splice- Professional Video & Audio Editing App

The Splice app is produced and released exclusively for iOS, and for this reason, it is a complete user friend for iPhone and iPad. The user interface or UI and UX of this application is very professional and has an attractive appearance. Of course, this is video editing software, except that you can have professional audio editing for your clip. Since video editing programs do not have powerful tools for audio editing, this program has something new to say among its competitors. If you like to make changes to the sound while editing your movie, do not miss Splice. You can now use this popular tool to edit your favorite audio and video by downloading Splice.

Important features of splice:

  • Ability to use various filters
  • Adjust video and audio speeds
  • Has the ability to record audio

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor is a complete program for recording and editing audio, and due to its many features and capabilities. You will not need to download it from other applications. With this software, you will be able to easily and simply apply any editing model you want to your audio files and get quality output and send it to others. In addition, with this software, you no longer have to worry about the large size of your files, because it puts the ability to compress and you can easily use it.

Features of Lexis Audio Editor:

  • Ability to mix the audio files you want
  • Ability to use 10 bands of Equalizer
  • Adjust audio playback speed
  • Ability to compress file sizes
  • Reduce noise
  • Change Tempo

You can now download the Lexis Audio Editor to take advantage of the features it provides and produce quality content.

Lexis Audio Editor

WavePad Music and Audio Editor

Another program that must be mentioned in this article is WavePad Music and Audio Editor. In this application, you can use its extremely professional and practical features and record and edit your content. Of course, you can transfer other audio and music files to this software and edit them.

Best Audio Editing Apps for iPhone
WavePad Music and Audio Editor

Important features of this program:

  • Edit any audio file
  • Eliminate unwanted noise and noises
  • Existence of various effects

So if you are looking for a professional program, be sure to install WavePad Music and Audio Editor.


It can be said that many applications fall into the category of audio editing applications for the iPhone. And in this article, we have introduced the best and most useful ones to you. It should be noted that there are other applications for editing audio files on the iPhone that you can download from the App Store. But we tried to introduce the most popular ones to you in this article. If you know of another audio editing app for iOS, you can share it with us in the comments section.