Basic tips for buying the right gaming laptop

Basic tips for buying the right gaming laptop

Buying a gaming laptop is one of the most attractive things for gamers because they see all their hopes and aspirations in that exciting laptop. Choosing the right laptop really enhances the quality of the game, and this is an important point for gamers. But choosing the right laptop depends on several factors. In the continuation of this article, I am going to refer to the buying guide of gaming graphics card, central CPU, screen, RAM and graphics processor, so that while buying, you can do the necessary research to hit the target and what will make you happy. Bring, buy.

The GPU plays the most basic role

Gpu is the most important part of a gaming laptop. And without a quality GPU, the laptop does not have enough power for an exciting game. AMD NVidia Geforce graphics cards are two great options for running a powerful and fast game, the graphics cards are designed in HD quality and help to run harder and higher quality games. If you are looking for a cheap GPU, AMD processors are cheaper than Intel. The point to keep in mind about the Gpu is that the larger the wattage of the Gpu, the more power it consumes.

Laptop screen dimensions

Basic tips for buying the right gaming laptop

Screen size is also an important feature of a gaming laptop. Most gaming laptop screens have 15 or 17 inch dimensions. Of course, 14 and 18 inch sizes are also available in the market. But the choice of size depends on personal taste. On the other hand, the larger the screen, the heavier it is. But for gaming laptops less than 15 inches is not a good choice. If you are looking for a quality gaming laptop, you should also pay more attention to the refresh rate. In general, a 60Hz refresh rate is sufficient for gaming, but a 120Hz refresh rate is the best choice.

Consider the resolution

If the game graphics are your priority, you should definitely pay attention to the resolution. Display resolution Displays the number of pixels on the screen. The higher the screen resolution, the more exciting the game experience for you. Of course, less than 1920 x 1080 resolution is not justified. Popular gamers’ resolutions are 1080, 1440 and 2160. Of course, keep in mind that the resolution should be in line with the screen, if the resolution is high but the screen does not have enough power to display the resolution, the high resolution is useless and is like pounding water in a mortar.

The CPU is as important as the graphics

The choice of CPU is as important as the GPU. The Cpu must be compatible with the Gpu for what you expect. Because the combination of the two works together, creates a smooth game experience. And if one has a poorer performance than the other, it will be a problem. If budget is the main pillar of your choice. Corei7 and Corei5 are good choices for gamers. The faster the kernel, the more powerful the processor.

RAM or memory determines the capacity of the game

The best RAM suitable for gaming laptops is 16 GB and we do not recommend less than that. Fortunately, Rome is one of the things you can upgrade. If budget is your number one priority, you can buy 8GB of RAM and then convert it to 16GB.

What is the best brand of gaming laptop?

Basic tips for buying the right gaming laptop

Asus: Asus has introduced RoG gaming laptops to the market. If you are looking for the current price of Asus laptops, visit the most reputable electronics store, Lipek.

Acer: Acer gaming laptops called Acer Predator have been released. This brand is known as one of the gaming quality laptops.

HP: Hp Omen is the product line of HP gaming laptops, which have a very impressive design.

Lenovo: The Lenovo gaming laptop is called Legion. So far, Legion 3,5,7 is on the market.

What is the best platform to play?

If you do not have enough money to buy a gaming laptop, you can start playing with professional phones. But before choosing a game phone, you should definitely pay attention to points such as resolution, screen, GPU. For example, if you look at the specifications of the Samsung a12, you will definitely find that although this phone does not have the ability to play quality games, but it has very good technical capabilities. But unlike Samsung’s powerful flagships like the S21, which is known as one of the best Samsung gaming phones.