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Apple AirPads is equipped with 3D Sound

During the WWDC 2020 event, Apple not only unveiled the third-generation of AirPod, but also talked about new features for all AirPods, including the ability to automatically switch between different devices and 3D surround sound for Pro versions.

According to the official announcement of the Cupertinoites, all AirPods on the market will soon receive a software and software update feature that allows you to change the automatic connection between different devices such as the iPhone; Allows iPad and Mac. In this way, the user no longer needs to manually connect his AirPad to various gadgets and is constantly changing.

In addition, AirPod Pro models receive a new feature called Spatial Sound, which can simulate sounds and music in a comprehensive and three-dimensional way, similar to attending a movie theater or home audio system.

To enhance such an experience, Apple assures that the depth of sound will be played in Peru’s AirPods in such a way that when you turn your head around, the audio center will remain stable. These devices actually use the device’s accelerometer system to track the rotation of your head and read the depth of sound.

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